For some reason celebrities believe their opinions are worth their weight in gold. In reality the opposite is true. There are thousands of examples where celebrities make themselves into complete fools simply by revealing their opinions.

Well, they're not done and at least we can have a laugh at their expense. Alyssa Milano tweeted out this gem.

Let me get this straight. By now allowing women to have their babies killed we are anti-child?

It seems like she's certainly got this one backwards. There are many things we can debate on but allowing someone to destroy their baby sure isn't pro-child.

But don't forget that Milano starred in the show Who's The Boss. Apparently that gives her a higher ground of moral authority as well as anything political. Wait that's not true at all. No one cares at all what she says about politics. Stay in your lane, Alyssa.

Per Louder With Crowder:

If the current box office numbers are any indication, people would much rather actors leave the politics alone and stick to what they do best; Playing pretend and covering for serial rapists.

One thing Alyssa’s comment highlights is leftists’ warped worldview. According to the left’s twisted logic, abortionists are doing the kids a favor by butchering them. Because life is hard, or some such nonsense. But, that’s only the tip of the infanticidal iceberg when it comes to abortion propaganda. Leftists think they can sweep reality under the rug and fool us with their absurd “rationalizations.”

The time when people valued what Hollywood has to say about politics and morals has long passed. Keep spouting your nonsense Alyssa, no one cares.

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