Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Quickly Pulls Embarrassing Details on Green New Deal Plan From Her Website

The darling of the Democratic Party has had no shortage of embarrassing moments. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly pulls the details of her Green New Deal from her website after just releasing them on Thursday.

Her plan replaces air travel with bridges over oceans. It ends all traditional forms of energy. The US energy sector would be destroyed by it and it ends all traditional forms of energy. There would be a mandate put in place that all new jobs must be unionized and it gives free money to people for not working.

Also, there was an embarrassing mention of “farting cows” in the FAQs.

The plan was not received well. Obviously, since it was taken down already. Also, it was littered with typos and a total disaster.

If AOC wants people in either party to take her seriously then she needs to do a much better job. She can’t publish disasters like this and think people in her own party will take her seriously let alone the Republicans.

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