Wow! Alabama has set a record for adoptions from the foster care system for 2018. reports, “There were 710 foster children adopted during the year that ended Sept. 30, up from 509 in fiscal year 2017 and 502 in 2016. The previous record was 676 foster children adopted in fiscal year 2009, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, which oversees the foster care system."

Just last week, the southern state fell under fire from Democrats for signing a new bill into law that protects the unborn. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the pro-life bill that only allows an abortion if the mother's life is in jeopardy.

“It sends a strong, wonderful message to all the foster care children in our state,” Ivey said.

There are about 6,375 children in foster care in Alabama. DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner said about 70 percent of foster children return to their biological families.

“But those that don’t, they need their own loving caring, permanent family and that’s what it’s all about,” Buckner said, “We recognize that children need permanency. We all need family. We need family connection. And we’ve all gotten together. We’re doing some partnership things together. So, we’re all on the same page and we’re trying to push permanency through."

However, while such good things are happening in the pro-life movement, you won't hear about it from the left. Instead they continue to ask what we are doing to help those children, as they tighten their blindfolds and cover their ears.

For example, Times of Israel blogger Sarah Tuttle-Singer tweeted, “Dear Pro-Life friends: what have you *personally* done to support lower income single mothers? I’ll wait".

I don't think she expected the responses she did, but they poured in nonetheless.

“Donated to crisis pregnancy centers. Volunteered with the Sisters of Life (highly recommend: you can be helpful just by holding a baby while mama gets food at the potluck, for instance) Offered to meet with anyone in a crisis pregnancy to talk about arranging to adopt their baby,” one twitter user said.

“Applying for an open adoption, to take care of a child whose mother doesn’t think she can raise the baby, and to keep mother and child in each other’s lives,” another responded, “And I’d also add: donating to @prisonculture’s Black Mama Bail Out to pay the bails of black mothers and send them home to be with their children.”

This is a huge step for life!

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