On Sunday morning, an AirAsia flight was heading for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it was forced to turn back to Perth, Australia amidst engine troubles. During the engine troubles, an AirAsia pilot asks passengers to pray.

Passengers who were on board for the ride compared it to "a washing machine" due to the rapid shaking and rattling. There was also a "huge bang" that happened about 75 minutes into the six-hour flight. The violent shaking became so violent that the AirAsia pilot asked the passengers to "pray."

AirAsia Pilot Asks Passengers to Pray

Fortunately, no one was injured during the flight. Marine emergency services near Perth were alerted in case an emergency water landing was needed, according to Australia's local ABC station. At this point the exact cause of the issue is still unclear.

“Passengers were attended by our ground staff upon landing and were provided with all necessary assistance. Our engineers are taking the precautionary steps to check the aircraft," AirAsia said in a statement they released following the incident.

Here is an Instagram post by one of the passengers on board the flight.

Not every day you see a pilot incorporate the power of prayer in order to make a safe landing.

In an interesting twist, each of the people on the flight was offered a $20 voucher. You almost died, but here's a $20 voucher, are we cool now?

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