Democratic Attorney General of Michigan Dana Nessel made several racially charged statements on Twitter which caused generated a ton of backlash.

After seeing that the COVID-19 virus has been disproportionately seen in minorities compared to the white majority of America.

AG Nessel said that blacks are being treated like garbage and said conservatives are to blame because they're against universal healthcare and that white people are just mad because they can't go golfing.

Since when did the coronavirus learn to racially profile and attack minorities?

Nessell tweeted,

“The high rates of infection and death within our African-American population from [COVID-19] is staggering and horrific. It further establishes how AA’s are treated like garbage when it comes to equal opportunity and access to health care, housing, education and employment. Every one of us who serves in government must double-down on our commitment to do right by the African-American communities in our state and across our nation. Failing to do so is a complete abdication of our obligation as office holders.”

“I just can’t hear about one more black health care worker, police officer or bus driver die while getting a barrage of complaints from white folks outraged because they can’t go golfing,” the attorney general added.

Nessel's stupid tweets caught the eye of Ingrid Jacques from the Detroit news. Jacques responded to Nessel,

“Why is our attorney general turning a pandemic affecting all of us into a racial issue? ‘White folks outraged because they can’t go golfing.’ Seriously? White folks are dying, too.”

Nessel didn't stop there. She went on to blame advocates against universal healthcare:

“Bc when you advocate against universal healthcare, a living wage, paid sick leave, public education and environmental regulations, the virus disproportionately impacts communities of color and black Americans get sick and die at exponentially higher rates.”

“I never said there aren’t disparities, @dananessel. We should be concerned, and we must tackle those issues. But right now, we are all in this together, and it affects all of us.” 

Like a true liberal, Nessel replied,

“‘Right now’ we all in this together. But [tomorrow] you will go back to railing against policies badly needed to assist communities most in need which would mitigate the racial disparities evident from the impact of the virus. Use this event to promote fairness and justice for all.”

This pandemic seems to be really bringing out the worst in liberals.

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