After Firing Roseanne, ABC Should Check Out These Awful Tweets by Newly Hired Keith Olbermann

On Tuesday shortly after Roseanna Barr issued an apology for her tweet that described former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett as the love child of the Muslim brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes,” ABC announced they are axing Roseanne because of the tweet.  Since then Barr has suggested she didn’t realize Jarrett is black and blamed the tweet on ambien.

Many have applauded the abrupt cancellation of the show. Predictably by those of the Hollywood left who can’t stand the fact that Roseanne is pro-Trump. Others have pointed out the double standard by ABC.

Political comedian Tim Young pointed out how much of a double standard there is. If Barr should be fired, then what about the tweets by the recently rehired Keith Olbermann? These tweets could certainly be described as “abhorrent” and “repugnant.”

Per Daily Wire:

The other media figure who has been cited most frequently as an example of the media’s double standard is Joy Reid, who came under fire for past blog posts which have been decried from all side as “homophobic” and “transphobic,” yet continues to be employed by MSNBC despite having failed to fully take responsibility and apologize for the statements.

In fact, in a particularly jaw-dropping moment, on Tuesday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell invited on Reid to talk about Roseanne’s tweet, with Mitchell at one point even asking Reid, without a hint of irony, “What do you have to do on social media to get fired from a top-rated show on an American broadcast network?

It’s okay to make ridiculously offensive tweets, as long as you do it from a leftist view. Firing Roseanne Barr and hiring Keith Olbermann shows just how big of a double standard there is.

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