There was a montage of election clips from the Alabama Senate race posted to Reddit. It contains a blatant admission of voter fraud. "We came in from different parts of the country and all of us pitched into vote."

The coverage was on Fox10. The first clip came from the Doug Jones victory party in Birmingham. During the clip an extremely excited man shouts to reporters that, “we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together — and we got our boy elected!”

Admission of Voter Fraud In Alabama

Interestingly there was no follow-up question about the man's claim.

The next clip was posted on Reddit urges black people to make a short trip from Mississippi to Alabama to vote for Doug Jones opponent. That is followed by a news report that Democrats were pushing felons to get registered at the last minute.

The video for some reason shows a clip from 2008 where a man in a hoodie says he made a couple trips to the polls.

“You saw the long line and decided to go home and come back?” the reporter from CNN (where else) asks.

“Decided to come back and vote a couple times,” the man says while grinning.

“I think that’s against the law, but that’s okay,” the CNN reporter says. What an idiot.

While the final clip is irrelevant, it seems very likely that voter fraud occurred in Alabama in order for Doug Jones to win the Senate seat.

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