A new survey shows that transgender people are less sexually desirable, and somehow activists are blaming the government for this. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of things are the government's fault and I am quick to call them out for it. However, this is just basic human nature.

A study, titled “Transgender Exclusion from the World of Dating," asks the question, "Why should the resultance to date trans individuals be treated differently than the coercive and regulating effects of compulsory heterosexuality?"

The piece continued, "Choices in romantic partnerships are frequently overlooked and chalked-up to a mere matter of personal preference … [but] transmisogyny is symptomatic of the current gender order and demonstrates the continued role of power relations in shaping lived-realities."

In other words, they want a government intervention to make transgenders appear more sexually attractive. The piece adds that trans women should not be forced to face obstacles when trying to date.

Breitbart reports: 

The government intervention is needed because the authors admit their survey of 956 people shows that transgender people are sexually unattractive.

The survey contained a disproportionately large share of young female Canadian graduates and American sexual minorities, but only 3.1 percent of the straight men and women said they would date transgender people.

Transgender men who try to live as women face sexual rejection from 71 percent of lesbians and 97.3 percent of men, the survey said. The survey did say if the men had undergone cosmetic surgery.


The survey added that only "four percent of normal heterosexual Americans said they would be “very open” to dating a “transgender person,” and even less than that would be willing to tell their family about the relationship.

That is likely because it's not natural, in the slightest sense! No species can continue to reproduce and live on without both male and female sexes. It takes egg and sperm to reproduce. For transgender people to push their lifestyle onto a society that is, in large, not accepting of it, they will continue to be on the outside looking in.

The two different sexes have created heterosexual societies throughout the world.

But progressives — especially “third wave” feminists — want a radical rewrite of society to dismantle the underlying “gender binary” of complementary male and female couples, and so liberate people from their biological nature.

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There is no need for a government intervention. We do not need to be told that we have to like someone, simply because they are crying that we are not attracted to them.

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