5-year-old Garrett Mathias handled his untimely death better than anyone could imagine. He handled it the same unique way he handles everything else in life.

Young Garrett passed on July 6, but he is living through his obituary, which he wrote with the assistance of his family.

The young boy was suffering from a rare form of cancer. His parents were hopeful he would survive but by June it was known the condition was terminal.

5-Year-Old Boy Dying Of Cancer Writes His Own Incredible Obituary: 'See Ya Later Suckas!'

More, from People:

Determined to help their little boy be remembered as uniquely as he lived, the couple began asking him questions.

These questions now form his touching and hilarious obituary that is even signed off, “See ya later, suckas! – The Great Garrett Underpants.”

Aside from liking to be called “The Great Garrett Underpants,” Garrett loved superheroes, thrash metal and his sister, his tribute reveals.

“The things I love the most: Playing with my sister, my blue bunny, thrash metal, Legos, my daycare friends, Batman and when they put me to sleep before they access my port,” the 5-year-old said.

As for what he hated, “Pants!, dirty stupid cancer, when they access my port, needles, and the monkey nose that smells like cherry farts…I do like the mint monkey nose like at Mayo Radiation and that one guy that helped me build Legos (Randy.)”

Knowing he was sick, Garrett also expressed what he wanted to happen after he died.

“When I die: I am going to be a gorilla and throw poo at Daddy!” Garrett said, adding he hated “Pants!, dirty stupid cancer, when they access my port, needles and the monkey nose that smells like cherry farts.”

The end of his touching tribute was incredible. Until the end, Garrett never lost his sense of humor. Proof of that is in this part of his obituary:

“From whoopy [sic] cushions and sneaking clothespins on their clothes to ‘hazing’ the interns and new staff doctors, he was forever a prankster,” his parents added. “Nothing caught people off guard as his response to ‘see ya later alligator’: See ya later, suckas! – The Great Garrett Underpants.”

Rest in peace, Garrett. You took on cancer in a way that not many others can say they did.

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