WATCH: Border Patrol Chases a Smuggler Bringing Illegal Immigrants Into Texas, He Escapes Back to Mexico on Inflatable Raft

In an incredible video, a U.S. border patrol agent catches a smuggler in the act before he flees back to Mexico on an inflatable raft.

Just as a border agent was showing the main route smugglers use through McAllen, Texas to reporters, they came across a group of illegal immigrants.

The Customers and Border Protection agent, who was all alone, chased after the smuggler. The smuggler was able to make it into the Rio Grande and rowe away back to Mexico, all while shirtless.

Per Daily Mail:

‘Look, there’s a smuggler,’ Agent Rodriguez shouted as he caught sight of the group and ran through the woods towards the shore.

‘I cannot go in the river to apprehend him. As long as he goes back south, I’m all right.’

After the smuggler rowed away, the about half a dozen young immigrants, including an infant, were taken for questioning.

Elsewhere in McAllen, another smuggler escaped back across the border by driving quickly down a dirt road after abandoning his cargo.

It was a great job of reporting by getting all of this on camera. Doesn’t this make it very obvious that there is absolutely a need to “build the wall”?

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