WATCH: Former Secretary of Army – ‘In A Fire Fight, I Don’t Want Justin Trudeau In My Foxhole’

Former Secretary of the Army Van Hipp Jr. took a shot at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday. Hipp said that in a firefight, he would not want to have Justin Trudeau assigned as the guy who watches his back.

While taking part in a segment of the Fox News show “Outnumbered” Hipp said, “You can’t count on that guy.”

Watch – Former Secretary of Army on Justin Trudeau

Lisa Kennedy of Fox News said that the comments Trudeau made were a setup, since he realized President Trump is on the way to a very historic summit with Kim Jong Un and North Korea and in Singapore.

“It’s not very nice to go out and make a hostile statement after everybody has agreed to a communique. [Trudeau] put the president in a position where he is going up to this very tough negotiation. He would have to do a turn and burn or else he looks weak as he heads into this other event.”

Hipp sided with Kennedy when it comes to the G-7 Summit. They both think President Trump should have skipped the summit altogether. He said, “I think what set the president off — and I think Kennedy’s right, he probably should not have gone to the G-7 Summit — because what we’ve got in North Korea is the only country in the world that’s fired nuclear weapons, or tested nuclear weapons this entire century. It’s the greatest threat … “

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