Alyssa Milano Tweets Racially Charged Claims Toward NRA, Colion Noir Fires Back

Hollywood leftist Alyssa Milano made her best attempt to smear the Left’s favorite target since the Parkland shooting. She sent a racially charged tweet in their direction. The result? Colion Noir of the NRA fired back. Oh, Colion just so happens to be black.

Milano weighed in on the gun control debate by tweeting this:

“If @NRA or @NRATv were run by brown or black people, it would be labeled a terrorist organization with hate propaganda programming that incites violence.”

Of course this triggered many responses from the left. One of the best was Colion Noir of the NRA. He is never shy about calling out the issues of race and how it is related to Second Amendment rights.

Noir tweeted:

“That’s odd because I spent all last week being called a Terrorist by people who say what you just said only without the passive aggressive tone.”


There were many other responses. Perhaps they weren’t as cordial, but they are still worth a look.

This wasn’t the first time Milano popped off about the Second Amendment. She put up this gem in an attack on the existence of the Second Amendment.

This response was amazing.

Noir has not shied away from the debate on gun control and school safety, especially how it is tied to racism. Recently he posted this video to take down gun control activist David Hogg and rip him for attempting to speak on behalf of African Americans.

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