WATCH: Faux Kim Jong Un Triggers North Korean Cheerleaders, Gets Ejected From Olympics

At the Winter Olympics there is a faux Kim Jong Un on the loose. He is pulling off the look much like the North Korean dictator. He danced past the North Korean cheerleaders during a hockey game in South Korea and was ejected by security.

If you have never seen the North Korean Olympic cheerleaders, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They are known as the “Army of Beauties.” Check them out in action.

While walking past the cheerleaders faux Kim Jong Un smile and waved.

Faux Kim Jong Un Triggers North Korean Cheerleaders

The lookalike walked past the cheerleaders during a women’s hockey game between the unified Korean team and Japan. While doing so he was smiling and waving the unified Korean flag.

After this went down the Kim Jong Un lookalike was taken away from security and eventually he was completely ejected from the arena.

The lookalike did not back down.

Per Daily Caller:

The man was accused of making political statements by impersonating the North Korean dictator, but he insisted that he simply looked like Kim. “I just showed up with my flag and my face … If you do not like my face there’s nothing you can do about it, I was born this way,” he told reporters.

Howard is the second Kim Jong Un lookalike/impersonator to be thrown out of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, where the South Korean government is trying to use the Games to facilitate inter-Korean peace.

This guy isn’t doing much for relations between North Korea and South Korea, but he is giving plenty of us a laugh.

Faux Kim Jong Un Triggers North Korean Cheerleaders, Gets Ejected From Olympics

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