Ted Cruz Challenges Bernie Sanders: ‘Let’s Make The Middle Class Tax Cuts Permanent’ – VIDEO

These two have had many huge debates. In their most recent exchange, Ted Cruz challenges Bernie Sanders to put his money where his mouth is.

Sanders, the socialist crackpost, has been ranting and raving about how the new GOP tax plan is beneficial for the rich and punishes the working class. While on CNN, Sanders admitted to Jake Tapper that most middle class Americans do benefit from the GOP plan. He even went on and said it would be a “very good thing” if these tax cuts could be made permanent.

In the new tax code, these middle class cuts were written to expire in eight years. This is so it would conform to the Senate’s budget reconciliation rules. Well since the bill has passed, Congress is able to vote and make these cuts permanent. Ted Cruz challenges Bernie Sanders to make this happen.

Ted Cruz Challenges Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders and the Democrats really believe in these tax cuts and making them permanent, then there should be a 100-0 vote by Senate to make them permanent.

Ted Cruz has drafted the legislation to make this happen. the ball is now in the Democrats’ court to move forward and actually put their money where their mouth is and make these middle class tax cuts permanent.

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