Ted Cruz Takes Luke Skywalker Down On Twitter

That’s not a headline I ever expected to type. That’s exactly what happened when the Star Wars actor tested Cruz. Ted Cruz takes Luke Skywalker down.

It all started when Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, responded to a video about net neutrality on Twitter. The chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, posted a video called, “7 Things You Can Still Do On The Internet After Net Neutrality.” In the video Pai wore a black hoodie and held a light saber. He said,Ā “You can still stay part of your favorite fan community.”

Not bad, Skywalker.

This is when Ted Cruz decided to join the mix.

Ted Cruz with another gem on Twitter.

Then Skywalker fired back.

Gotta love the “you spelled something wrong” in a tweet where something else is spelled wrong. He passed on addressing any of Cruz’s points, but what can you expect?

Cruz came back with fire.

And that was it. Hamill had enough. He did tweet to Billy Baldwin and addressed the issue.

Come on Luke Skywalker. Why not give it an honest effort and go down fighting?

Donald Trump Jr. stepped into summarize how it went down.


Luke Skywalker is very similar to everyone else in Hollywood. Absolutely no interest in facts.

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