Fordham University Republicans Wearing MAGA Hats Kicked Out of Campus Coffee Shop – VIDEO

College campuses are slanted to the left now more than ever. Fordham University Republicans wear MAGA hats into a coffee shop and get kicked out.

The students went into the coffee shop wearing “Make America Great Again” hats so they could “test the unwritten rule” of conservative discrimination.

Per Daily Mail:

Rodrigue’s Coffee House’s ‘President’ can be seen on video telling the group members that they needed to leave the shop on the Bronx campus in five minutes.

‘This says nothing about supporting political identities. This says nothing about politics and you have no right to do this’ a member of the College Republicans tells the President after she tells them that they need to leave, in a video posted Friday. 

‘I am protecting my customers,’ the president added to which the cameraman retorts that they are customers.

Fordham University Republicans Kicked Out of Coffee Shop

This is completely ridiculous. These students are unable to wear MAGA hats into a coffee shop before being ejected.

Fordham Students United stands behind the coffee shop.

Fordham University Republicans Wearing MAGA Hats Kicked Out of Campus Coffee Shop

The video shows what went down on campus, but the student group at Fordham continues to have the back of the coffee shop. What do you think about what went down? Was it pretty clear that the students were thrown out based on their Republican views?

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