More Empty Seats For Redskins Vs Cowboys

After the NFL decided social justice was more important than the bottom line, they’ve had major issues. Now, more empty seats. Even for Redskins vs Cowboys.

Thursday night’s game between the Cowboys and Redskins kicked off at 8:30 p.m. EST in Arlington. The game was played at AT&T Stadium. Well into the first quarter there were loads and loads of seats still available.

Empty Sets at Cowboys Stadium

Per Yardbarker:

“To be fair, Thursday games are always a little tricky with crowds. While not as bad as they are on the West Coast (where the start time is 5:25), it’s certainly possible that a crowd for a mid week game with a 7:25 local start will be late arriving.” 

After this, Dixon of Yardbarker did concede that empty seats are “certainly not a picture that anyone in the NFL wants to see.”

No matter what anyone does to defend the NFL, this is clearly an issue. Cowboys and Redskins is one of the most prominent rivalries in the NFL and they can’t even pack the house. This used to be an absolute no brainer that it would be a sell out. Now look at it.

Is it too late for the NFL to be accountable for their stupidity? Is the damage already done?

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