Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Questions Gloria Allred On If The Yearbook Signature Is Forger, She Refuses To Answer- VIDEO

Does Gloria Allred have any credibility left? As if it’s not bad enough that she is known for repeatedly trotting out women who confess to phony crimes against conservatives. Recently Allred and her client accused Judge Roy Moore of attempted rape in 1977. On Wednesday, Wolf Blitzer repeatedly questions her on if the yearbook signature is a forgery and she refuses to answer. Talk about completely blowing your argument!

Watch the video.

At a press conference on Monday Allred and her client brought a yearbook to use as evidence. The signature had two different colored inks.

Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Questions Gloria Allred

That’s not all. Allred it under two separate investigations for misconduct as an attorney.

Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Questions Gloria Allred

It didn’t take long for her case to completely fall apart. Clearly Judge Roy Moore is being framed and Allred and her client are doing a terrible job of it.

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