Officer Escorting President Trump Crashes, Trump Refuses to Let Air Force One Take Off Until Speaking With Him

On Wednesday an officer escorting President Trump on a motorcycle crashed in Indiana. After learning of the crash, Trump refused to let Air Force One take off before he was able to speak with the officer. The officer who wrecked was Metropolitan police officer Robert Turner.

As of yet the cause of the crash is unknown, but it appears that many people opted for taking pictures of the officer instead of helping. Many photos surfaced of the officer on the ground with cuts.

Help arrived and they opted to leave the motorcycle behind on the side of the road.

Turner was put in a neck brace and rushed to a hospital. He was in poor condition. Soon after he received a call from President Trump.

Indiana Metropolitan Police Department made a Facebook post about Trump’s actions on Facebook.

Once again President Trump has made it very clear about how much he cares about the law enforcement of this country.

Here is video of the officer taking the call from President Trump.

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