Sexy Florida Woman Makes Plea For Electricity

Some women are against using their beauty to get what they want. Kynse Leigh isn’t one of them. This sexy Florida woman makes a hot plea for electricity and gets it.

Hurricane Irma had devastated Florida and there were still 370,000 people without electric as of Sunday. Most people could do nothing but just wait for their power to be turned back on. Well not this hot, single Florida woman. Kynse Leigh took action.

Using social media, Leigh put a photo of herself in short shorts and a tank top standing next to a huge sign that said, “Hot Single Female Seeks Sexy Lineman To Electrify Her Life.” She accompanied the photo with a caption that read, “Maybe this will work!”

It did.

Maybe this will work! HOT single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life! #hurricaneirma #lineman #fpl #electric…

Posted by Kynse Leigh on 17hb September 2017

It should come as no surprise that she had power by the next day.

A local radio station picked up on the show. It just so happened that a group of linemen heard the story and went to her home and electrified her life. You know, they turned her power on.

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