Hillary Rips Bernie In New Book – ‘I’m Proud To Be A Democrat And I Wish Bernie Was Too’

Two time loser Hillary Clinton is launching a book tour detailing her experiences at the Democratic nominee for president. In the book Hillary rips Bernie Sanders.

There have been some excerpts released from the book and according to sources close to Hillary, she has taken some shots at her primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

“I’m Proud To Be A Democrat And I Wish Bernie Was Too”

Hillary Rips Bernie In New Book, I am proud to be a democrat

Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton had the primary rigged so she could defeat him. Despite this, Sanders still endorsed Hillary.

Even Brianna Keilar of CNN took a shot at Hillary for what she said about Sanders:

It speaks to an issue that Hillary Clinton has had. I think we’ve all seen this where she struggles sometimes to take responsibility… But she came in with weaknesses that were completely self-created and for an opponent to ignore those things, to not really run the emails, and those things, to not really capitalize on them would have been political negligence.

Hillary’s memoirs, titled What Happened, will be exactly what we expected. Hillary Clinton heaping loads of blame on everyone except herself.

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