Trump Supporters Storm CNN Headquarters – “No More Fake News!” – VIDEO

It’s been a tough year for CNN, to say the least. Well it’s not getting any easier. Trump supporters storm CNN headquarters to tell them “No more fake news!” The Trump supporters are clearly sick and tired of the far left agenda being pushed by #FakeNews CNN and are going to their headquarters to let them know about it.

Don’t forget, not long ago Project Veritas completely destroyed CNN and what was left of their reputation. First, they admitted that the Trump-Russia conspiracy is total nonsense, but they are pushing the story daily for one reason: ratings.

Days later Project Veritas released another video that dumped on CNN. The funny thing is all of the videos are CNN dumping on themselves. In this video, one of their most prominent commentators, Van Jones, went on the record and admitted that the Russia story is a ‘nothing burger.’

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In the 3rd video released by Project Veritas, a CNN Associate Producer dumped on all Americans. He called American voters ‘stupid as sh*t.’ He also had some choice words for Kellyanne Conway, including when he said she “she looks like she got hit with a shovel”. At this point, many were asking, is this the end of CNN?

At this point, you have some people who are super tired of the BS that CNN is pushing. So these Trump supporters headed to the CNN headquarters in Atlanta and let them know about it.

Trump Supporters Storm CNN Headquarters

It’s good to see people stand up for what they believe and let CNN know that their “news” network is a dumpster fire.

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