After Loads of International Pressure, Saudi Arabia Releases Woman Arrested for Wearing Skirt – VIDEO

It’s not every day women get a win in the Middle East. After loads of international pressure, Saudi Arabia released the woman who was arrested for wearing a skirt.

Let’s provide a little context to the situation. In Saudi Arabia a woman was arrested for wearing a skirt. That’s right. She was walking around not giving a F. She was wearing a crop top and a mini skirt. Since she was in blazing heat, this attire was very appropriate. Regardless of the weather, Allah does not approve of this type of attire for a woman. She was thrown in jail.

Video of her made it to Twitter. Check it out.

News of this insane arrest spread quickly online. There was some serious anger coming from many different nations. There was such an outcry that she was eventually released from the Saudi Police.

A statement released by the Center for International Communication said police released the woman, who was not named. It says she was released Tuesday evening after a few hours of questioning and that she told investigators that the video posted on social media was published without her knowledge.

“She was released without charge and the case has been closed by the prosecutor,” the statement said.

It is good to see that Saudi Arabia responded to the pressure of the world. The people of the Middle East were once beyond shaming, but it seems that things may be changing.

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