Conservative Icon Ann Coulter Was “Targeted on Purpose” by Delta – Revealed by Flight Attendant Group

Many people thought conservative icon Ann Coulter should walk away from her battle with Delta. After this information was revealed, there’s no way this happens.

Ann paid $30 extra for an exit row seat. This is because she’s six feet tall and needs the additional leg room. Delta took her seat away and gave it to another passenger. Ann went ballistic on Delta Airlines when this happened. When she asked the flight attendant why she was forced out of her seat, the only response she got from a flight attendant was, “I don’t know.” At that point Coulter was snatched by the hand and advised to move and she did not even receive an explanation.

After this went down, Coulter went to Twitter to express her dismay. She put together a series of tweets that ripped the awful customer service she received on her flight. She even put the lady who got her seat on blast by posting a photo of her on Twitter.

Right from the beginning many people speculated that the reason she lost her seat was due to politics. Today it was discovered that is exactly why she had to give up her seat. Ann received a text from a flight attendant that revealed Ann Coulter was being targeted by a group of Delta flight attendant. This was no accident at all, this was all done on purpose.

Much like every other company that targets conservatives, Delta will definitely take a hit in their wallet after this disgusting move. Ask Starbucks and ESPN, when you alienate the right, it is definitely not best for business.

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