Reebok Blasts Trump in Latests Ad – Turns on Conservatives

In their latest ad, Reebok blasts Trump and decided they no longer want dollars from the conservatives. Reebok went full social justice warrior.

Reebok should remember that conservatives control over 60% of the purchasing power in the United States. At least they were up front and honest. Now people can know where they stand and make an honest decision about their company.

Here is the tweet.

Reebok Blasts Trump

There are three things to take away from this tweet:

  1. Reebok condemns complimenting women.
  2. President Trump was out of line by delivering a compliment to the French First Lady.
  3. Reebok wants no purchases from conservatives.

Conservatives gave their thoughts on the issues. Including conservative women.

Maybe they should ask ESPN how their move to full-blown social justice warrior network has worked out for them. Remember, conservatives are what drives the economy in the United States. They are the ones creating business and with the purchasing power.

Say what you will about Reebok’s stance on the President Trump complimenting Brigitte Macron, but this tweet has definitely put some much needed attention on their company. Since they have been getting dominated by Nike, something like this may have been the only option they had to bring their name back into the public eyes. Mission accomplished in that regard, Reebok. Good luck making enough sales to keep your company alive without purchases from conservatives, though.

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