Greg Gutfeld Trolls CNN – Wears a CNN Box On His Head During ‘The Five’ – VIDEO

On Friday’s episode of the Fox News show “The Five” Greg Gutfeld trolls CNN so hard they don’t know what hit them. He came out wearing a CNN box on his head. This was very similar to the one that came out during the CNN doxxing scandal.

When the show started off, Jesse Waters introduced all of the five co-hosts. When they got to Greg Gutfeld he was wearing the red CNN box. You know, the box that was made very popular by the memes that were put out to reference the CNN doxing scandal.

Here is a quick video of “The Five” intro where it went down.

Greg Gutfeld Trolls CNN

That wasn’t all that came from Gutfeld though. He took it to his own personal Twitter for the #CNNMemeWar.

People on Twitter loved it.

Here is the tweet from President Trump that started this entire thing off.

After President Trump tweeted that out, the internet completely exploded with responses and hilarious memes at the expense of CNN.

At this point it’s pretty obvious that CNN wishes the #CNNMemeWar would go away. They are already a laughingstock due to their ratings and these hilarious memes are not helping their issues go away.

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