Polish Crowd Goes Nuts for President Trump – VIDEO

Thousands of Polish citizens gathered in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish Crowd in Krasinski Square went nuts for President Trump and Melania. After waiting for the arrival of the First Family, they went absolutely nuts at the site of Donald and beautiful First Lady Melania.

Before they even came out the crowd began chanting “USA! USA!” and “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” What a fantastic event to show respect for the United States. The Polish crowd was incredibly enthusiastic.

Melania started this event out by opening for the president. The First Lady did an amazing job. On top of that it was a beautiful day in Warsaw.

Watch the video.

Polish Crowd Loves Donald and Melania

Per Whitehouse.gov:

“Our strong alliance with Poland and NATO remains critical to deterring conflict and ensuring that war between great powers never again ravages Europe, and that the world will be a safer and better place. America is committed to maintaining peace and security in Central and Eastern Europe,” President Trump emphasized.

“With the expanded trade and new infrastructure, we will unleash incredible energy innovation that is safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly. The United States supports a commonsense approach to protecting natural resources — one that responsibly balances economic growth, job creation, and energy security,” President Trump said.

President Trump is exceeding all expectations when it comes to foreign relations. Even the most staunch #NeverTrumpers would have to admit that.

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