Muslim Groups Boycott Starbucks for Being Pro-Gay – VIDEO

It’s always been very strange how Starbucks supports gays and Muslims. Here’s why.  Muslim groups boycott Starbucks for being pro-gay. This fits very well within the hate-filled religion of Islam. The groups are based out of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Perkasa is the Muslim Malaysian group who called on their members to boycott Starbucks. It was a desperate attempt to get the company to cater to their insane beliefs and needs.

Amini Amir Abdullah, who is the Islamic affairs bureau chief for Perkasa, commented to Reuters on the issue.

“Our objection is because they are promoting something that is against human instinct, against human behavior and against religion – that’s why we are against it.”

Muslim Groups Boycott Starbucks

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More on the story, per The Washington Examiner:

Perkasa called on the Malaysian government to revoke trading licenses for Starbucks, as well as other companies like Microsoft and Apple.

This came days after an Indonesian Islamic group, Muhammadiyah, also denounced the chain in the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population.

According to AP, shares in the company that operates Starbucks in Indonesia fell and a boycott Starbucks hashtag was popular for a short time.

Amini said the call for boycott stemmed from a report that Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz supports gay marriage. In 2013 Schultz, who was Starbucks CEO at the time, told shareholders who were opposed to diversity to sell their stocks at a shareholders meeting.

Sodomy is illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison in Malaysia and, while homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court is looking to make homosexual sex and sex out of wedlock a criminal activity, AP said.

Starbucks has always toed the line of being pro-gay as well as pro-Islam. Many would consider that being an oxymoron, considering Muslims love throwing gays off of buildings.

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