WATCH: Trump Tweets Out Live Video of Himself Bodyslamming CNN – VIDEO

President Trump is pulling no punches with his disdain for the mainstream media. Sunday Morning Trump tweets out live video of himself bodyslamming CNN!

This is a big-time shot at #FakeNews CNN, which he has since renamed to the Fraudulent News Network on Saturday. He even put CNN in the video so he is actually bodyslamming CNN.

Watch the video.

Trump Tweets Out Live Video of Himself Bodyslamming CNN

In case you forgot, President Trump actually appeared on WWE years ago. He is close friends with the McMahon family, Vince and Linda. Trump and Vince McMahon engaged in a rivalry dubbed “The Battle of the Billionaires.”

If you missed the video, here is a clip of it.

This will be yet another tweet that has the left up in arms. Really at this point he is just having a laugh at their expense. Trump is just doing what he does best. Driving the media crazy.

If you missed it, we ran a story where we asked if this is the end of CNN. If you haven’t seen it yet go check it out and make sure that you vote in our poll.

What do you think about Trump’s tweet? Let us know in the comments if you stand behind our president.

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