CNN Liberal Says Nancy Pelosi Should Be On Mount Rushmore – VIDEO

At this point it’s pretty clear that Nancy Pelosi is a fool. Well, this guy still doesn’t get it. CNN liberal says Nancy Pelosi should be on Mount Rushmore. What!?

Paul Begata is the former “Crossfire” co-host on CNN. He went on “Anderson Cooper 360” and heaped praise on Nancy Pelosi. He said, “If there was a Mount Rushmore for house speakers, Nancy Pelosi would be on it.”

At that point, he wasn’t done. He even compared Pelosi to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Begala said, “She passed national healthcare. Even Franklin Roosevelt could not do that.” He was humble enough to admit that her unpopularity ratings are at 50%, but he did point out that they are lower than House Speak Paul Ryan’s, which sits at 54%. Not exactly holding her to the highest standard there. Watch the video.

CNN Liberal Says Nancy Pelosi Should Be On Mount Rushmore

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Begala had a message that was pretty similar to the rest of the liberals. It is time to take the offensive and take the Republicans on.

“Democrats need to put their big boy and girl pants on and go after the doggone Republicans,” Begala said. “General Patton said the purpose of war is not to die for your country. It’s to make the other SOB die for his country.”

“I want to put the Republicans on trial instead of just letting them attack Nancy Pelosi without any defense,” was how Begala closed out the interview.

This guy is completely insane. In a time where Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be completely delusional, this guy is heaping praise on her. The majority of the Democrats who are in office are calling for a change in leadership, which starts out at Pelosi. They have also pinned most of the blame for the recent election and other issues of the party on Nancy Pelosi. I guess this guy didn’t get the memo.

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