Maxine Waters Makes Insane Claim About Loss of Obamacare – VIDEO

When it comes to repealing Obamacare, the left has very little interest in facts. In fact, Trump could create a healthcare bill that is even more socialist than Obamacare and it does not matter. The left would oppose it in a big way. They’ve already made up their mind that they are not backing any healthcare bill put out by this administration. Now, Maxine is completely off her rocker again, but that’s nothing new. Maxine Waters makes a completely insane claim about how many will lose coverage if Obamacare is repealed.

Watch the video.

Maxine Waters Makes Insane Claim About Loss of Obamacare

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“Take, for example, the state of Kentucky. Almost one-third of those people in that state are covered by Medicaid, and so they’re talking about eliminating 700 billion uh, in, uh, Trumpcare bill.”

“And so that’s no way that they can say that they’ll do more coverage than Obamacare, and so I don’t really know what they’re talking about.”

This interview went down on Wednesday while she was on MSNBC discussion what the impact would be on the state of Kentucky. Holy crap this is insane even for Maxine Waters. 700 billion people are going to lose coverage? She doesn’t even know what she was trying to say. God help her.

How does Chris Hayes keep his cool during this interview? I would have lost my mind if interviewing her while she made this completely insane remark. Does she really think there are 700 billion people in the United States that will lose coverage? It seemed she got about midway into the claim and realized that she had no idea what she is talking about.

An estimate by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that around 22 million people will lose health care coverage if Obamacare is repealed. Not 700 billion. The far left, far gone Maxine Waters delivers again.

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