CNN Producer On Voters: “They’re Stupid as Sh**” – VIDEO

James O’Keefe is back at it! Projected Veritas released part 3 of their series ‘American Pravada.’ In this video they get the view of an associate CNN producer on voters. And it’s not pretty.

In part one they admitted the Trump-Russia story is complete bullsh*t. In the second video it shows prominent CNN commentator Van Jones calling the Russia story a ‘nothing burger.’

On Thursday James O’Keefe took to Twitter to tease about an upcoming third video. He even went on to taunt Jim Acosta of CNN.

He even took things a step further. He released a video on Twitter where it showed Van Jones accusing Project Veritas of releasing edited footage. O’Keefe accompanied the video with the caption, “Van Jones will be eating these very words on the morning. Stay tuned…”

The third installment of the American Pravda series is straight fire. When asked about the intellect of the American voter, the CNN producer calls voters ‘stupid as sh*t.’

Project Veritas Journalist: “Would it be fair to question the, I don’t want to be rude here. I’ll be careful how I put it, you’re apparently some percentage Irish or Scottish. Would it be fair to question the intellect of the American voter?”

Jimmy Carr: “Oh no. They’re stupid as sh*t.”

Jimmy Carr continued to bash the Trump White House and said that Kellyanne Conway is an ‘awful woman’ who “looks like she got hit with a shovel”.

Jimmy Carr also brought up the fact that their ratings are soaring because they reporting on Russia, ISIS etc.

Watch the video.

CNN Producer On Voters: “They’re Stupid as Shit”

CNN is digging themselves a hole, deeper and deeper. They can make all the false claims they want about “edited footage” but it’s there as plain as day for everyone to see.

Project Veritas has his foot on CNN’s throat and refuses to lift it.

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