CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Runs Like a Chicken When Confronted by James O’Keefe – VIDEO

As we reported earlier, Project Veritas dropped a bomb on CNN. When confronted by James O’Keefe, CNN boss Jeff Zucker ran like a chicken. O’Keefe was part of the Project Veritas bombshell where he went undercover and exposed CNN for pushing the Trump-Russia conspiracy for ratings.

It’s hilarious to see Jeff Zucker’s reaction when he sees James O’Keefe. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with him.

Watch the video.

CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Runs Like a Chicken

O’Keefe went right up to Zucker’s New York residence to have a word with him about the issue at hand. O’Keefe asked, “Do you have a comment, sir, about the Russia story?”

At that point Zucker had one goal and that was to run away. There was a vehicle waiting for Zucker. He hopped in while bodyguards and doormen blocked him. O’Keefe accurately described the reaction as cowardly.

O’Keefe made an awesome tweet that exposed Zucker. Check it out.

CNN is a joke and Project Veritas continues to completely expose them. What reaction does Zucker have? What could he possibly say to make this situation better? Absolutely nothing. So he does the only thing he knows how to and runs from the issue at hand.

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