WATCH: Miley Cyrus Feels “Ageless” and “Genderless” – VIDEO

Miley Cyrus wants people to know that what they hear from her is genuinely what she feels. While interviewing with Ross King in ITV show Lorraine, Cyrus explained how she has no boundaries and doesn’t allow herself to defined by one label or category. Miley Cyrus feels “ageless” and “genderless.” What?

Per Breitbart News:

“I think I’m weird because I feel like everything and nothing all at once. I think I feel genderless, I feel ageless,” she said. “I’m just a spirit soul — not even divided by human being or I treat the animals the same or hopefully treat the planet with as much respect as possible.”

“There’s no us and them. There’s no me and you. I feel like I want to be everything and I want to be also kind of nothing,” she explained.

 Miley Cyrus Feels “Ageless” and “Genderless”

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Let’s not forget this insane girl was a big time supporter of Hillary Clinton. She went door-to-door to support Democrat Hillary Clinton during the election. This included going door-to-door in a dorm room at George Mason University.

Miley Cyrus Feels "Ageless" and "Genderless"

It is important to note that Miley Cyrus did create a viral video on YouTube, congratulating President Trump for his unprecedented victory over Hillary Clinton.

And the left wonders why no one is taking them seriously at this point.

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