Compilation of Angry Drivers Blowing Through Anti-Trump Roadblocks – VIDEO

The left takes the phrase “go play in traffic” too literally. They are then forced to pay consequences. Here’s a compilation of angry drivers blowing through Anti-Trump roadblocks.

The road was made for cars. The left likes to challenge this viewpoint by refusing to get out of the road and challenging oncoming traffic. Eventually, they ran into someone that is tired of their crap and blows through their weak road blocks. There is this thing called “right of way” and these idiot protesters have no idea what that means.

Watch the video.

Compilation of Angry Drivers Blowing Through Anti-Trump Roadblocks

At one point another you’ve probably thought about doing the same thing, haven’t you? You’re in your car trying to get from Point A to Point B and there is a delusional liberal in the way. What other option do you have?

The election ended a long time ago. The people spoke and chose Donald Trump as our president. Refusing to get out of the road is not going to change anything. A long time ago this switched from being a protest to just plain old crying.

Like and share this video if you think these idiot protesters got what they deserved for purposely blocking traffic.

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