Trump With The Most Trump Move of All-Time – VIDEO

At this point it seems like Trump is just testing to see how easy it is to trigger the left. In this video it’s Trump with the most Trump move of all-time.

Per Daily Wire:

As noted by Sports Illustrated, it was “the most Trump thing ever.”

The video was apparently posted by patrons of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“How great is that?” asked one of the male golfers. 

“That’s the only place you can drive on the green, right? Your own golf course,” he added with a laugh. 

The president even rode up to the men, shooting some small talk, asking how they liked the place, and joking about the extra security. 

“I feel very safe, thank you,” the men joked. 

Watch the video.

You gotta love it. At this point Trump is just trolling the media.

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