CNN Refuses to Admit What Islamic Terrorist Said While Stabbing Cop in Neck

Another day, another Islamic extremist attacks. Predictable CNN attempts to cover for them. CNN refuses to admit what the Islamic terrorist said while stabbing a cop in the neck. We’ll give you three guesses to guess what he said. “Allahu Akbar!” Was that your first guess?

CNN said that the man was screaming “something in Arabic.”

Check it out.

CNN Refuses to Admit What Islamic Terrorist Was Screaming

The Islamic terrorists have a catchphrase they use so it’s easy for everyone to know who is committing the acts of terrorism. Despite this, CNN is still unable to identify who made the attacks. Actually, they are just covering for them. Why? Who the heck knows!

Twitter was quick to put CNN on blast.

You know Mike Cernovich came through and dropped a bomb on them.

What is the reason that CNN covers for the Islamic terrorists? Do they think no one will be able to figure out that the terrorist was screaming “Allahu Akbar”? At this point they aren’t fooling anyone.

It’s getting to the point where everyone is laughing at CNN. Instead of reporting the facts, they push their agenda. And this happens over and over again.

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