Awkward Failed Hug Between Little Marco and Ivanka Trump

This isn’t the first awkward moment between Marco Rubio and a Trump. This awkward failed hug between Little Marco and Ivanka Trump is must see!

What made it better was how Sen. Marco Rubio handled it. Instead of locking up like he did during his presidential campaign, he rolled with the punches. After social media mocked him about it, he launched an “investigation” into the matter.

“Just left Intel comm & informed meeting 2day with @IvankaTrump blowing up twitter over alleged failed hug! Investigating. Will respond soon,” Rubio said on Twitter.

Ivanka ran with it and also joked.

Anonymous sources say @marcorubio planned the alleged failed hug. I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!)

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) June 20, 2017

At this point Sen. Rubio and First Daughter Ivanka still weren’t done having fun with it. Rubio asked for help for people who were filming the failed hug.

Finally a photo was posted that exposed the “failed hug.”

Awkward Failed Hug Between Little Marco and Ivanka Trump

Where was this charisma from Sen. Rubio during the election? Perhaps he did learn a lesson from the beatdown he took from President Trump during their debates.

Kudos to Little Marco. He’s learning from his past.

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