CNN Lies About the Congressional Baseball Players Praying on the Infield – VIDEO

On Wednesday Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and two Capitol Police were shot during baseball practice in Alexandria, VA. Before the game, shooter James Hodgkinson asked the lawmakers, “Are those Repulicans or Democrats?” Once he found out they were Republicans, he began gunning them down. Scalise took a bullet in the hip and struggled to drag himself off the field after he was hit. Despite this, the Congressional Baseball Game went on in DC. Before the game, both teams kneeled in prayer on the field. CNN created their own storyline. Yep, that’s right. CNN lies about the Congressional baseball players praying on the field. Check it out.

CNN Lies About the Congressional Baseball Players

CNN Lies About the Congressional Baseball Players Praying on the Infield

Yep, that’s right. CNN won’t even give the Republicans credit for praying. The Internet is always quick to respond to hot takes like this, though. Check it out.

CNN kept their lying post up all night. Finally on Friday morning they changed their headline and corrected it. Of course they tried to spin it as a mistake.

Every single post CNN makes is driven by their agenda. At this point, nothing #FakeNews CNN does surprises anyone. It was obvious both teams were joined for prayer.

Nice try, CNN!

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