Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Vandalized by Gay Pride Activists

Sunday there was a massive gay pride parade in Los Angeles. It doubled as a ResistMarch. During it, the Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized.

Those who put vandalized it put stickers on it that had messages to push their agenda. Some of the prases on the stickers include:

“Dissent. Dont Relent.” “Resist Misogyny.” “Resist Racism.” “Resist Xenophobia.”

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At this point you probably get it. They are “resisting” the things they claim Donald Trump stands for.

Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Vandalized by Gay Pride Activists

Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Vandalized by Gay Pride Activists

This is not the first time the star has been vandalized. To be honest, it is almost certainly not the last. In January a reverse swastika was carved into it. Does the reverse swastika have meaning or was the person who vandalized the star too dumb to make a proper swastika?

In October a man pretended to be a construction worker and destroyed the star with a sledgehammer and pick axe. The criminal’s name is James Otis.

What was Otis’s motivation? He wanted to completely remove the star, sell it at an auction and donate the profit to the women who accused Trump of sexually assaulting them. This is according to a report by Deadline

These are not the only instances of vandalism on the Trump Star. There were several other instances.

Remember, President Trumpw as the first to use the words “LGBTQ community” during his acceptance speech. Gay activists have went after Trump’s cohorts’ stances when it comes to gay rights. At the top of that list is Vice President Mike Pence, followed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

What does this vandalism achieve when it comes to advances the rights of the LGBTQ community? I don’t know, you’d have to ask them. It’s difficult to determine how vandalism helps advance anything, but it is something they continue to do.

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