Rosie O’Donnell Celebrates Classified Information Leaker – Pays Her $1,000!

Rosie O’Donnell has had a feud with President Trump for a long time. She is getting worse and worse. Now, Rosie O’Donnell celebrates the classified information leaker, Reality Winner. She referred to her as a “brave young patriot.”

That’s right. Someone who leaked classified information is a “brave, young patriot.” It simply does not more out of touch than Rosie is right now.

Take a look at the tweet.

Rosie O’Donnell Celebrates Reality Winner

Someone on Twitter referred to Winner as careless and O’Donnell took it personal.

But that’s not all. Rosie O’Donnell paid $1,000 to her Gofundme.

Per Daily Wire:

O’Donnell also confirmed on Twitter that she donated $1,000 to Winner’s Gofundme campaign, which states, “It is a Difficult time for Reality Winner and her family. Please show your love and support with kind messages and a monetary donation if you feel led to do so. This is a time to come together and unite in peace and hope and show the world LOVE ALWAYS WINS over hate! Good resists even when evil persists!”

O’Donnell confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she made the $1,000 donation and said she’s willing to do more, saying, “I would love to help her and her family. I would love to talk to the mother and offer any help.”

Far left Rosie O’Donnell is completely out of her mind. She wants to celebrate this woman who leaked classified government information. That is NOT something that should be celebrated. She is a disgrace to this country and needs arrested.

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