Amazon Pulls a Sneaky Move to Knock Conservative Book From #1 Spot

Dangerous by famous gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos held the #1 spot on Amazon. Then Amazon pulls a sneaky move to knock the conservative book from the top spot. It was knocked from the top spot by a Dr. Seuss book titled Oh the Places You’ll Go. The top seller charts switch up all the time, but the circumstances around this one are fishy to say the least.

What was fishy about the circumstances? Well, first off was Milo dropped out of the top spot after a major price drop by the Dr. Seuss book. Second, Milo noticed that the price drop happened immediately after he claimed the top spot.

Amazon Pulls a Sneaky Move to Knock Conservative Book From #1 Spot, Milo Yiannopoulos Dangerous

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Even more incredibly is that these huge numbers from Milo are all pre-sale. Yiannopoulos went the self-publish route after his publisher, Simon & Schuster, dropped the book. They dropped the book despite 75,000 in pre-sales.

Milo made a mention about when he was suddenly dropped to number two and also noted that Oh the Places You’ll Go dropped from $10 to $5.

“Is this a coincidence? Or is Amazon trying to knock Dangerous off its well-deserved throne as king of the hill? If the latter, Amazon would – interestingly enough – be one of the few corporate entities that have even acknowledged the success of DANGEROUS,” Milo wrote.

This seems like a bit of a waste of time by Amazon, if this is true. People want to read what Milo has to say and they will buy his book regardless. It doesn’t matter what price cuts or algorithm changes are made. It is very clear that the people are determined to buy the book.

“This is the book the liberals didn’t want you to read, they did everything they could to stop it and nonetheless we persisted and my fans have stuck by my side,” Yiannopoulos said to Red Alert Politics“I’m releasing the book on Independence Day because we’re freeing ourselves of political correctness, social justice warriors, censorship, the corrupt leftist media, and man-hating feminism.”

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