Former FBI Director James Comey Releases His Prepared Testimony: Trigger Alert for the Left

Tomorrow is the day for former FBI Director James Comey to testify before the Senate Intelligence committee. He released his prepared testimony a day early.

He touches on all or most of the important topics that the left were hoping would take down Trump. According to his prepared testimony he was not pressured to stop the Russian investigation. He was not pressured about General Flynn, although President Trump did ask him about Flynn. He also confirms that Trump was accurate when said that Comey assured him that he was not personally under investigation.

  • It is confirmed that Trump did ask Director Comey for loyalty, though not in the strange way the mainstream media portrayed. Per Comey’s statement this is how the conversation went down:

He then said, “I need loyalty.” I replied, “You will always get honesty from me.” He paused and then said, “That’s what I want, honest loyalty.” I paused, and then said, “You will get that from me.”

  • Trump did ask Comey if he could let people know he is not under investigation. Trump asked James Comey about this multiple times. After James Comey did not deliver in making a public statement about this, that was the last time the two had a discussion.

Below is the transcript of the James Comey testimony. It is going to be a sad, uneventful day for the left because James Comey’s claims confirm that President Trump did nothing wrong.

Former FBI Director James Comey Releases His Prepared Testimony

Download (PDF, 106KB)

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