Fake Sean Spicer Twitter Account Is Confusing the Crap Out of the Mainstream Media

Many of us have fallen for a fake Twitter account. But if you are a journalist you have to verify sources. This fake Sean Spicer Twitter account has caused tons of confusion. Many of these people have thought that these tweets were real.

The fake Sean Spice twitter account is causing a ton of heat with the left. They are sure that they are tweeting the actual White House press secretary. Everything he tweets gets hundreds of irate responses fired back at it.

Check it out.

Fake Sean Spicer Twitter Account

Al Bernstein decided to take on Fake Sean Spicer by providing him with some knowledge in a condescending manner. In response Sean Spicer fired a sick burn.

Fake Spicy brought this woman back to earth with a quick dose of reality.

This lady may still think she had a real interaction with Sean Spicer. She may even think Spicer is greedier than she did before this interaction.

This one is hilarious!

We have reached out to Sean Spicier to get his take on the situation, but he seems to be so busy tweeting that he is unable to respond. Let us know if you are able to get in touch with Spicy.

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