Man Running From Terror Attack With Beer in Hand Symbolizes London’s Resilience – PHOTO

The London terror attacks have shook the entire world. Three armed men smashed a van into pedestrians on the London Bridge. Then, they stabbed civilians in the Borough Market that is nearby. It sent people into a frenzy. The people in the area were fleeing to everywhere. Despite all of the mayhem one man has captured London’s spirit. A man running from terror attack with beer in hand symbolizes London’s resilience.

The message of this image is that nothing can stop the British from enjoying a pint. It is a sign of the defiance of the country.

Take a look.

Man Running From Terror Attack With Beer in Hand

Some made mention of the high prices of a pint in London.

Many people were bothered by the fact that people are joking around so soon after a terror attack occurred. Many others seemed uplifted by finding humor during such a dark time.

After plowing through pedestrians on the bridge, the jidhadists moved on and went from bar to bar in Borough Market, stabbing people with foot long hunting knives. According to accounts of eye witnesses, people in the bar fought back by throwing chairs and pint glasses at the attackers.

The three attackers were shot and killed by authorities. Over a dozen suspects have been arrested by police. While London is down, this photo proves they are far from out. London is on our thoughts and prayers.

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