Wage Gap Debunked – Female CEOs Make Much More Than Male CEOs

The far left loves to push the wage gap. They are sure it is a real thing. Feminists won’t shut up about it. Well, get this. Wage gap debunked!

The crazy part is the wage gap is real. For instance, this female CEO brings in a much different annual sum than her male counterparts. The difference just isn’t what you expect. She makes much more money!

Per Daily Caller:

Female chief executives are out-earning their male counterparts at some of the nation’s largest businesses.

Women in the top roles at the biggest U.S. companies out-earned men in six out of the past seven years, The Wall Street Journal reports. Some 21 female chief executives earned a median compensation of $13.8 million in 2016, compared to 382 male chief executives that earned a median compensation of $11.6 million.

Women still comprise a disproportionately low percentage of all chief executive officers, notching nearly 5 percent of the total in 2016. Despite their low representation, however, female chief executives took three of the 10 spots for highest paid CEOs in 2016.

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First off, how about a tip of the cap to the ladies for bringing home some serious dough.

You would think a study like this would curb the enthusiasm of the left screaming for “income equality.” What is great about America is that women have the opportunities that they aren’t afforded in other countries, such as Syria. These women focused on their careers, went after big-time positions and got them. Now they are being rewarded with making even more dough than their male counterparts.

Studies like this continue to pop up, but feminists just brush them to the side. Women continue to increase their rank and pay grade. Hard work and determination is getting these women where they need to be. Sorry that the wacko, far left feminists are benefiting from their purple hair and vagina signs.

How about instead of protesting and screaming about the wage gap, go out and work hard toward your goals. More and more statistics prove that the opportunities are there for women just like they are for men.


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