Does This Make You Feel Secure? TSA Officers Kneels and Prays to Allah Outside Airport – VIDEO

As you know, TSA is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is their job to keep our travel safe. Does this make you feel secure? A TSA officer kneeling and praying to Allah outside of the airport.

Religious beliefs aside, isn’t it his job to be alert and be aware of their surroundings? What if someone walked past him with a bomb into the airport while he is doing this? This guy’s job is to watch his surroundings and try to pick on sketchy scenarios, not pray to Allah.

This happened outside of the Seattle airport. Even worse, this guy can be seen outside doing this multiple times a day. How can he keep people safe while doing this? And you know he is not the only person doing this. It seems like during prayer time would be a great time to attack.

This guy has a job to to do. Stop kissing the ground, get off your knees and get to work. He is paid to provide security and after watching this I do not feel very secure about heading to the Seattle airport.

Does This Make You Feel Secure?

TSA Agent Prays To Allah Outside Seattle Airport

Feeling secure now? TSA Agent Prays To Allah Outside Seattle Airport

Posted by Deplorables Inc on Sunday, May 28, 2017

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