Insanity at the Texas State House! Republican Calls ICE on Illegals in Building, Then Democrat ATTACKS – VIDEO

It is getting crazy at the Texas State House. Illegals were protesting at the state building. They were holding up signs that said, “I am an illegal and here to stay,” and, “No SB4 No Hate.” They were also chanting in Spanish. Republican lawmakers called ICE on the illegal aliens. The response to this was CRAZY. The Democrat lawmakers attacked the Texas Republican lawmaker!

So let’s go back through how it went down. Illegal aliens were at the Texas State House holding up signs and chanting in Spanish. The Republican lawmakers did the correct thing and called ICE. Then, the Democrat lawmakers responded by ATTACKING.

Watch the videos.

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Here are the protesters in the rotunda of the state capital.

Here are more of them outside of the building.

The response to this was Republican Representative Matt Rinaldi calling ICE to report that there are illegal aliens protesting. Rinaldi doing this is what caused the Democrats to come unglued. They threatened physical violence right out on the House floor!

Democrat Rep. Ramon Romero came completely unglued and threatened to shoot Rinaldi. This happened right on the House floor.

Here is Rep. Matt Rinaldi’s official response he posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Per Newser:

One Democratic lawmaker, Justin Rodriguez, says he heard Rinaldi say, “I’ll put a bullet in your head” to Rep. Poncho Nevárez. And later on Facebook, Rinaldi acknowledged making such a threat, but in self defense. He says Nevárez threatened to “get me on the way to my car,” adding that “I made it clear that if he attempted to, in his words, ‘get me,’ I would shoot him in self defense.” Rinaldi, who says he called ICE because some of the protesters were holding signs declaring themselves to be “illegal,” also accused Romero of physically assaulting him. On Twitter, Nevárez called Rinaldi “a liar and hateful man.” Another lawmaker, Republican Pat Fallon, witnessed the initial shoving match and tried to break it up. “I just walked right into the middle, and I was begging them, ‘People, please, not on the House floor.'”

So these illegal aliens come out to the Texas State Building and basically challenge lawmakers to arrest them. Then when the Republican lawmakers contact ICE, the left comes unhinged. It is complete insanity!

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