President Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Fallen Marine’s Mother – She is Overcome with Emotion – VIDEO

On Memorial Day, President Trump was out paying his respects. President Trump makes surprise visit to the mother of a fallen Marine. The visit was at the Arlington National Cemetery. He headed there right after his speech for Memorial Day. The particular part of the cemetery that Trump visited is called section 60. This is the burial ground that is specifically dedicated to military personnel who were killed fighting terror.

When President Trump showed up the families were overcome with emotion. President Trump was honored to thank them due to making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The mother of the fallen Marine said: “Jimmy knew he wasn’t coming home and he said, ‘Mama I hope that people don’t forget that I ever lived’. And if you could remember just ‘Jimmy’ that would mean so much to me.”

President Trump took the time to comfort the heartbroken mother. She consoled her and told her that Jimmy was looking down on her and very happy.

What a great thing to see. President Trump taking action and letting the mothers of fallen military personnel know that their actions are cherished by Trump as well as his country.

Here are some videos that captured the moments.

President Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Fallen Marine’s Mother

God bless President Trump.

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