Body Washed Up On Florida Beach is Confirmed To Be Federal Prosecutor

It is now officially confirmed that the body washed up on Florida beach is federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.

Per the Miami U.S. Attorney’s office: The U.S. Attorney’s Office family is deeply saddened by his death. He was a wonderful lawyer and great colleague. We will miss him deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.”

Local media has reported that the death may have been a result of trauma, but the official reason has not yet been released. Head injuries are a gunshot are what are being speculated at this point.

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According to Bill Renick, a witness, “When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling, about a 35-year-old African-American man, very well dressed wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual.”

Body on Florida Beach Confirmed to be Florida prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.

This sounds very similar to the Seth Rich story. Another person murdered and left with all of their personal belongings. Something else to add is that this Florida federal prosecutor was investigating fraud and visas in the Wasserman-Schultz district. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is someone who is deeply connected to the Clintons. Does that come as a surprise? Perhaps Whisenant Jr. was getting to close to the target and that is why he was taken out. Many people will ask questions and speculated and that will be deservedly so.

This adds another murder that is close to the Clinton doorstep. How many murders has Donald Trump been tied to? How about Mike Pence? Heck, even Barack Obama? How does this happen so many times? It always seems like no one even tries to investigate these murders, they just kind of go away.

It is time for the FBI to tap all of Hillary Clinton’s phones and figure out what in the world is going on. It’s time for someone to be held accountable for all of these mysterious murders.

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